Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some Exciting News

Hello Peoples! 
For about a month now, I have had this urge to learn how to run a home - to learn some necessary skills for a woman.  For example:  I really wanted to learn how to can something....or how to cook (more)....or how to meal plan.....etc...those kind of things.  Well, God provided me with a few opportunities that got to "fan that flame,"  in the last two weeks!  And I thought it would be cool to document the "home-making" things that I do on this blog, for my own purpose, and I can use it towards school records as well, (score!).  Henceforth, I have decided to start, a blog series!  *smiles*  It's called....get ready.....
"The Home-Making Series!"
Ta-da!  Yes, I now have revealed what I've been conniving for some days.   OK. here we go.....

The Home-Making Series: Apple Cider

We have seven apple trees in our back yard, and since we have such an abundance of apples, my dad and our friend John, decided to borrow a friend's apple cider press to make our own apple cider.  It was quite a fun and rewarding night.

Step 1:  pick the apples and wash them

Step 2:  sort through the apples and see if any  have cuts on them or bad spots, and if they do...

Step 3:  give them to the ladies and they'll cut them off

Step 3 1/2:  let Naomi suck on the apples for extra flavor

Jual and Naomi =)
Step 4:  put the apples in the press and one person cranks as the others continue to fill the bucket   with apples

Step 5:  press the apple juice into pail

 Step 6:  pour apple cider into filter

Step 7:  pour filtered cider into a jug or jar (I prefer the jar)

and....viola!  Fresh, home-made, apple cider!  We made about twenty-one gallons and shared it with family and friends, and have enjoyed sipping on it ourselves!  There ya' go peoples - that's how you make apple cider.  

Here endeth my very fist Home-Making Series.  =) 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

the o'brien clan

(my family is really good at matching when we're not trying to.....and we've done it on many occasions....it's kinda funny actually.)  :P 

anyways.....we finally got a good picture of everyone - SCORE!! :D

I just love these guys - they're the best!