Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Because of Him

I was going through a struggle yesterday, a choice was presented to me, and I had a decision to make, "Will I trust God?" 
I do trust Him, but am I willing to trust Him for everything? My friend said something to me yesterday that challenged me,
"Dare to trust God."  Wow....dare to trust God?  I had to ask myself, "Do I really have enough faith to trust that He'll come through?"  I was listening to a message the other day and this man was missionary in China, he didn't have a job, and no one knew where he was or how to get a hold of him.  He trusted God for every need.  They needed food to feed their children.  They had nothing.  They had no prospects.  They're only hope was in God. They had to trust that God would pull through, and they did.  A year earlier, a man that they had never met, sent them a check, and it took a whole year to arrive at the missionary's home; and it arrived at just the moment they needed it.  God pulled through. 
So, back to the question......Will I trust God?  Instantly my head screams, "Yes!"  But then my heart says, " I don't know."  When it comes to the moment where I need to decide will I?  Will I be faithful to Him?  When I have something that I really don't want to do, but I know I need to, will I make the right choice, and believe that God will turn it out for good, even though I can't see it?  It seems like in those times my head screams, "No! Lord I want to do my own thing!"  But, my heart is crying, "Jesus, SAVE ME!!!"   I guess it's a choice. Everyday I have to make the choice to yield to my Lord.
So all this was going on in my head yesterday, and then three hours later I received an email, saying my friends blog had been updated.  So I went to read it....and God spoke to me, and gave me just what I needed.  She wrote this:
"...I wrote that life with Jesus was worth it because no matter what you go through, you have a loving, supportive, kind, never-judging, always ready with hugs, charming, strong, wonderful God on your side. One who will never put you down, never discourage you, never stomp on you, never leave you, reject you, or stab you in the back. One who makes everything worthwhile. At the very minimum. :) Then I added that, although I’m sure there are some good ways to help grow her self-control and perseverance, praying for it, asking for God’s strength, was the best way to keep on His path.

After I had hit the “enter” button, I sat and read what I’d written. It hit home.

So often we have God’s answers inside of us, we already know what we’re searching for. We just forget.
I didn’t know that I needed that wisdom, that I needed that push, that I needed that “aha!” moment. But Oh, friends, I did. I needed to know why it was worth it, when it can be so hard; I needed to know how He will help me, when I feel like I’m so on my own; I needed to be reminded that I am not doing this in my own strength – not at all, for  Jesus is the Strong in strength, the Power in powerful, the Holder of Power- who can fight my fight, win my battels, and comfort me in the heat of battle.
And all I have to do, and it really is simple, actually – is to ask for it. To pray for strength, help, power. To ask for wisdom, knowledge, – not the “why” or even the “how”, but to re-grab hold of the “because”. Because of Him.
As someone I know said recently, quoting 1 thessalonians 5:24: EVERY command from God comes with HIS equipping to fulfill it!"

                      "The One who calls you is faithful!"

So, can I trust Him?  

I know I can. 
He is faithful!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy Eights!

I was reading a friends blog yesterday and I decided to join her for Crazy Eights – an annual post of all sorts of different categories (in, of course, number eights. That onewas hard to figure out, wasn’t it? :)).
It looked like something fun to do so, I'm going to do it!! Here we go!

Eight songs I've listened to:

Go Light Your World ~ Chris Rice ( a really good one!) 

When I Die ~ The Wissman Family

Living He Loved Me ~ Casting Crowns

Always ~ Building 429

Give Us Clean Hands ~ Watershed Worship

Worthy is the Lamb ~ Watershed Worship

Psalm 62 ~ Aaron Keyes

Let Your Kingdom Come ~ Sovereign Grace Music 

Eight books I've read this summer: 

Set Apart Femininity - Leslie Ludy 

The Bible - Jesus :) 

In His Steps - Charles M. Sheldon

The Mystery of the Silver Coins - L.W.J.

The Invisible Friend - LWJ 

Heart of Courage - LWJ

The Raiders Promise - Loise W. Johnson

Wrestling Prayer -Eric and Leslie Ludy  (ok, I actually read that last winter, but it was SO good!)

Eight things I've learned this year:

That God's faithfulness is AMAZING!!!!

Jesus LOVES to answer our prayers; even from a long time ago! 

That if you're all focused on yourself, and your problems it stinks; but when You start to pray for those who are starved, abused, lost, dying, and alone, you really don't matter any more.  but you matter so much, cause God loved you so much He sent His son to DIE for you and me!!!      

I LOVE people!!!  (I already knew that, but I just wanted to emphasize that)

God's checklist for what you should watch or listen to is simple.  Whatever is: true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, of virtue, praiseworthy. 
I LOVE Chipolte!!!   ( I used to hate mexican :P)

Instead of trying to gain a ton of knowledge about how to pray, I just need to pray. 

That I am SO grateful that I can got to my mom and dad with anything, and they will be there to love me, encourage me, and pray with me! 

Eight Online Hangouts:


Gmail :) 

My Blog

Set Apart Femininity




A Poured Out Life

Eight things I love: 








Seeing friends that I haven't seen in a long time!! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my Crazy Eights and- anyone can comment either their “eights” or a link to their blog if they want to join!   I have definitely liked writing all this!! It was fun!

I hope you have a superbly-fantastic day, and are falling in love with Jesus more and more!




Friday, August 20, 2010

God's Faithfulness

I have a little story.  So, today I was cleaning at a neighbors house, and I decided to watch a movie while I cleaned.  I watched Facing the Giants.  At the end of the movie, once the Eagles have beaten the Giants, the coach repeats over and over, "Nothing is impossible with God!! Nothing!!"   the coach made a statment that I thought was really cool: "God didn't have to help us win that game, but He did it because He wanted too!"   that reminds me of a analogy:  a little girl walks up to her daddy.  She asks for some chocolate; now, she knows she doesn't need chocolate, and he knows she doesn't need chocolate, but he gives it to her anyways, because he wants too. 

I was just remnided of the faithfulness of my Savior, and the unfailing love that he has for me!!   God is so good!!! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Awesome Day!

So on Saturday Kyle, Kayelene and I went down to MN, to watch Sid in a horse competition. It was SO much FUN!!!  We got there at 9:00 am, and it ended at 7:00 pm,  We watched all the other people and their horses, and we decided that Sid would definitely win something.  After hours of waiting, Sid tied for 2nd place, (which was debatable) and won $1000!!! Go Sid!!  So, then Kaylene and I had to get a picture with him. :P  we even let Kyle get in the pic.  :P  Then, Sid took us out to Applebees!!! It was delicious!!!  It was an AWESOME day, with a couple of my favorite peoples!!! :D 

Bailey's second pose! :P

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hi everyone!
I finally created a blog!  So, this is all new to me...so it'll probably change from time to time.  and I'll try to write something significant soon....and I'm excited!