Wednesday, December 29, 2010

His Little Feet

Wow.  It has been a very long time since I have written - sorry about that.  I used to get disappointed when I would look at other people's blog and they hadn't updated in a month or I know what they go through. :P  Needless to say, I have been very busy in the last two weeks with Graduation, Christmas shopping, packing, moving, Christmas, get the point.  There hasn't really been time for blogging.  But, finally I have a day with nothing planned in it, so I decided to blog. (YAY!)
I am going to be writing about something that was a big part of my time at Ellerslie -
the His Little Feet choir. From the time the orphans arrived on campus, lives were changed.  These little people had such a huge impact on all of us and being there when they arrived was priceless.  And then, going to two of their concerts, were some of the biggest highlights of our time in Colorado.  God has something huge in store for these precious, little, Haitian kiddos.

Mikey and Christa Hahn


Watching these little Haitian kids sing was incredible, plus so much fun! 
God moved in each of my family member's hearts.  It was Anna who suggested we give up Christmas to use that money to sponsor a child - WOW!  So at the second concert we picked out a little four-year-old boy from Haiti - Hedess. :) 

(sorry that it's sideways it does turn in after awhile.)

God is good.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


"If a commission by an earthly king is considered a honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?"                                                         
I thought this quote by David 
Livingstone was really challenging, and a big eye-opener for me!  Oh, that we all might consider the call from our King an honor and our highest privilege!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Amazing Week at Ellerslie! (Part 2)

Well, I'm here to tell you about another amazing week at Ellerslie.  Another warning: there is no way that I can fully capture the grandeur of it all on words.  So, you'll have to use your imaginations. :) (I don't have very many pics right now, but hopefully I'll add some to this post later.)

It all started the morning after the first amazing day, during my quiet time.  God had laid it on my heart the day before to get baptized again.  The reason for getting baptized a second time was this: it would be a sign for me and God that I was crucified with Christ, risen with Him, and that the Holy Spirit now dwelt in me.  I looked up the word "baptized" in my concordance, to see what the Word of God had to say about it, and I found Acts 22:16
"And he said, 'The God of our fathers appointed you to know His will, to see the Righteous One, and to hear a voice from His mouth; for you will be a witness to everyone of what you have seen and heard.  Now why do you wait? Rise and be baptized and wash away your sins, calling on His name.' "
Cool right? (you have to say yes.) :P  thought it was cool so I shared it with my parents, and my idea of getting baptized.  I asked my dad if he would baptize me, along with Eric Ludy, since he (my dad) had been so instrumental in the last few days.  He said yes. :)  Then we went over to Ellerslie for the day.  We started the schedule a little bit early because Mr. Ludy wanted to get started right away.   Eric had everyone who had raised their hand the previous day, go into the back to see where everyone was at.   A few minutes later they came back and Eric said that this time three girls were going to go into the back room together, because they all were dealing with similar issues.  We began to pray.  This time it was hard because Satan was attacking me with lies and doubts about the previous day, even to the point where I had no desire to be baptized.  But, our God is faithful and He does not leave us all on our own! This is the verse He gave me:  Romans 4:20-21
"No distrust made him (Abraham) waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong as he gave glory to God, fully convinced that God was able to do what He had promised." 
Three hours later we heard that awesome sound - the sound of victory! The three girls came out and shared their testimony, and gave glory to God.  At this point it was lunch time, and everyone was leaving the chapel, so I told my dad that I needed him to help me.  I told him that I knew that God had worked in my life, but I wasn't convinced that the Holy Spirit had come into me, because I hadn't felt anything.  (oh how I love my papa!)  (this all might not make sense, but, it did to me) He explained that I was a woman of faith and there was some reason that I did not "feel" the Holy Spirit come into me.  He told me the story of Gideon.  About the 300 men who had broken jars and put candles inside and then their "war-cry" made all the enemy flee.   My papa said that I was like the broken jar, and Christ was the candle, and that my stand of faith - to trust in Christ - was the war-cry that made all the enemy flee.  God told Gideon before the war that He had already won the victory.  The victory is always God's! 
My dad said that another evidence that the Holy Spirit was in me, was that they noticed that I had been depressed lately,  but the night I shared with my family, I had been full of joy.  God has given my dad great wisdom, because everything he said was exactly what I needed to hear! Then he prayed for me and what he said brought amazing clarity and peace, and a stronger belief in my Savior!
We had another prayer time for two girls, and again our God was victorious! Then it was time for the baptisms!  There were six of us that wanted to get baptized, so we all ran home and quick changed, (and we grabbed my family).  Ten minutes later, the whole student body/staff was gathered on the shore of the Ellerslie Lake.  Eric talked about the reason for baptism - that it's not the water that saves you, but we get baptized as a symbol of our death/resurrection with Christ. 
Johnny Wesche was the first one to be baptized! It was funny, Eric and Ben were getting ready to dunk him and Eric asked, "What is your declaration?"  And Johnny shouted "Hypothermia!"  But then he declared his death in Christ, and the new work that God had done in him.  And in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, he was baptized.  I went next and it was FREEZING!! (remember this is the end of October)  Eric looked at me and asked me what my deceleration was. 
My response?  "This is a sign to me and to God that yesterday I died, and now Christ lives in me!"  Then I went under and came out shivering, yet really happy! This sign

L to R: Rhea, Melinda, me, Kaitlin, Liv, Ben, Eric and Johnny. =)

Even after all this amazing stuff took place, the day was not over, there were still more victories to be won!  Everyone gathered in the Chapel, and we got right back into business.  The next girl to go back was struggling with doctrinal issues, so this was going to be slightly different. 
The cool thing about each prayer time was that we always knew that God was going to have the victory.  We just knew.  We didn't know how long it would take, but we were confident that our God was going to win!  And from this specific prayer time came a great victory for me!
I had looked up "truth" in my concordance, and was praying truth verses over this girl.  

I happened to be reading in John 12 and read verse 24: 
"Truly, Truly I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone, but if it dies it bears much fruit." 

I did a double-take, because for the first time in my life I understood what that verse meant.  I had read it many times, and my mom had tried to explain it to me, but I could never grasp what it meant.  But this time I read it, and without even thinking about it, I knew what if meant because it had happened in my own life just the day before.  It means that unless one truly dies to self, and Christ lives in them, it is only then that they can bear fruit for the Kingdom!  I was so excited!  It was just another confirmation that Christ is in me! 
A few minutes later, we heard the sound of victory!  I was going to share what God had showed me , but I missed my chance!  There was one last person to be prayed through.  Ben came up and said that he felt that this battle was going to need a lot of fervency.   So, we prayed.  I prayed aloud and read Scripture, then for the rest of the time I waited and listened to others read scripture and pray.  After another hour of waiting for the expected, never-tiring sound, we heard it!! And shouts and claps went up from our side of the room! The final victory had been won!  This woman came out a totally different person!  God is so amazing! I then jumped at the chance to share what God had revealed to me, and sharing that made it all the more exciting for me. =)   A couple more people gave testimonies of what God had done in their life during that "battle," and then Eric closed the day with prayer. 
It was an incredible day filled with new challenges, expected victories, and growth in the Lord, plus a deeper love for my Savior! 

In Him,
God is good.