about me

Oh hello there! Glad you stopped by. My name is Bailey.  I am 18.  I live in Wisconsin.  Coral is my favorite color.  I spend most of my days with either my camera around my neck or a cup of coffee in my hands.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ and desire to love Him with my whole heart.  

In my free time I love to hang with friends, play board games with my family, drink coffee, browse Pinterest, travel, and really anything that includes my friends.  Oh, I like to journal, too.  My favorite types of movies are Jane Austen type movies, or 27 Dresses, or animated princess movies…but I'd much rather play games than watch a movie.   My current favorite bands are Rend Collective, and Ellie Holcomb. I collect quotes - seriously, they are my favorite. I love, and obsess, over my kitten, Lucy.   

I have a dream - to be a photographer.  Little by little, and step by step, I am working towards fulfilling that dream.  I believe my love for photography is something that God has given to me, and would ultimately to use it to glorify Him.

My desire with this blog is to have an outlet for writing, to practice to my photography, and just share my life. (If you like something you see, leave me a comment! They make me really happy)


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  2. WOW!!! That's one of my favorite pictures of you...one is more pretty than the next!!! Who took it?

  3. Anna took it right after our family pictures. And thanks =] A lot of people tell me I look just like you ;)