Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Fall and Stay in Love With Jesus

"He woos us. 
He wins our hearts. 
He makes Himself known to us. 
He gave His life for us. 
He lives for us. 
He intercedes for us. 
He defends us against our accuser. 
He guides us. 
He protects us. 
He nourishes us. 
He chastens us. 
He comforts us. 
He strengthens us. 
He sustains us. 
He sanctifies us. 
And a whole lot more, because of His love."

This is just a part of the short message I listened to today, from Nancy Leigh DeMoss, at Revive Our Hearts. 

I actually listened to it twice. :P Once, while doing stuff.  And then again, half-doing-stuff/half-pausing-it-to-take-notes.  

It is seriously so amazing...I adore Nancy.  She simply loves Jesus, and loves to make Him known.  His peace, and gentle truth, flows from her being.  

She spoke on what's been on my heart for a long time - to not just know about Jesus. But, instead, to know Him, intimately.  And love Him, passionately, and abandoning-ly.  To be fulfilled in Him, and be satisfied in His incredible, freeing love.  

Press into Jesus.  He is so worthy.  And I'm learning, over and over, He just loves us so much. 

Go take a half-hour out of your day to listen to this quick encouragement to go deeper with your Beloved.  

Monday, February 11, 2013


I needed to hear this tonight, Jesus.

lots more going on through this girly's head...but I'm not sure if it needs to be shared - not because I don't want you to know, but, because my Father has shared precious things with me...and, tonight, I just want to share these two videos with you.  

you are his. beloved. highly valued. chosen. redeemed. a precious treasure.  

keep yourself in His radical, out-of-this-world, redemptive, steadfast, never-failing love for you.